The spacious and elegant Hotel Anno 1216 suites give you a firsthand experience of Rococo and Baroque history and architecture.

You will step back in time and admire some awe-inspiring relics of the past whilst walking on the original 18th century timber floors with their 28 foot long floorboards.

Each of our three suites is unique and exclusively furnished and decorated.

The Rococo suite (No. 2)

This splendid chamber with its magnificent Rococo-style wall design, finished in glossy Venetian stucco lustro, has a balcony facing the port. A 19th century tiled stove accentuates the glamorous atmosphere of the room.

The suite in the lower side wing (No. 3)

The magnificent combination of stucco and fresco in this palatial 645 square foot suite is unique in Lübeck. A cast of this impressive stucco can be seen in the Saint Annen Museum. The fresco was restored in 2011 and shows the sun god Helios with his sister Aurora, goddess of dawn and Selene, the moon goddess. The lavish en-suite luxury bathroom with its roll-top bath and walk-in shower also boasts a stucco ceiling.

The suite in the upper side wing (No. 4)

This exclusive suite also features an imposing Baroque stucco ceiling. In addition there are 24 wall panel paintings showing mythological scenes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In the adjoining room you will see what remains of a medieval painting and parts of the original oak parquet floor with marquetry inlays from the 16th century.