Our hotel

Located in the heart of the oldest part of Lübeck on an island enclosed by two rivers, Hotel Anno 1216, with its prominent gabled roof, is a first-class cultural monument. A wealth of well preserved features reflecting the artistic styles of several centuries allows the visitor to delve deep into the history of the city of Lübeck.

Hotel Anno 1216, itself a historical monument, is full of charm and character. The building’s history can be traced back over a period of 800 years.

Among its outstanding features are a Renaissance-style moulded brick portal from the 17th century and a room adorned in Venetian stucco lustro plaster from the Rococo era. The ornate ceiling stucco and unique fresco convey the grace and grandeur of middle-class life in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
In 2011 the building was restored and converted into the Hotel Anno 1216. The exceptional results earned us 3rd prize in the national award for craftsmanship in the preservation of historical monuments in 2013.

Throughout the hotel, the interior decoration is a coherent combination of antique and modern furnishings.

Guests may choose between 3 suites, 6 double rooms and 2 single rooms.

For the benefit of our customers we have placed special emphasis on:

  • 100 % green electricity supplied by Lichtblick
  • Grander water throughout the hotel
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products